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Batch 3 Release

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26th June

We are excited to announce the release of our 3rd batch of Bender’s Rye Whiskey and we think it just might be our best batch yet. This batch has some slight differences from our 1st and 2nd batch. Most notably batch 3 is a nine year rye instead of a seven and this time around we’ve lowered the proof to 92. Learn more and compare on our Specifications page and if you’d like to experience it for yourself find a bottle near you at our Availability page.

Happy Anniversary!

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15th November

In celebration of its first year in business, Bender’s Rye Whiskey is thrilled to announce the release of its second batch already on shelves in California and Oregon. With a first batch distilled with 85% seven-year-old rye and 15% eight-year-old corn, Batch 1 presented a spicy craft rye with subtle and sweet hints of apricot and vanilla. The second batch is a blend of an older corn and rye mash with a modified mashbill of 92% nine-year-old rye and 8% eight-year-old corn for a more mature finish.

Looking back on our first year in business there were several milestones we’re pretty proud of. The first being that there seemed to be a demand for our rye. When Cohen and Bender first started the company is was as much a love affair with whiskey as it was an experiment and an opportunity … Read More »

Batch #2

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7th October

Bender’s Rye Small Batch #2 will be hitting shelves later this month and we couldn’t be happier. This time around we were able to get ahold of some delicious 9 year rye to blend with. The rye and the corn come from the same trusted distillery we worked with for batch #1 but the extra 2 years of aging adds a smoothness we couldn’t get as close to with the first batch. Because of the additional aging we modified our mashbill for this batch to be 92% rye and 8% corn. You’ll notice a slight difference, dare we say improvement, in the taste.

After much debate and a lot of work, this was the final blend before bottling.

A sea of bottles ready to be filled.


Whole Foods Availability

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7th October

We’re not exactly sure how it happened but for the first time, Bender’s is available at Whole Foods. Granted it’s just one Whole Foods in Lafayette, California but if you’re a Whole Foods shopper in that neck of the woods, next time you’re picking up your weekly supply of organic cage free eggs or that fair-trade, hand cultivated quinoa, look for us in the wine and spirits department. We’re excited to see national stores like this picking up good whiskey.


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24th August

This past August Carl headed up to Portland to meet our booze broker’s, Drink Think and to visit some new accounts in town. We stayed with some close friends for the week (one of which is a bartender at Multnomah Whikey Library) and spent alot of time out at restraurants and bars around town. We’re exteremley excited to be making our way onto shelves in Portland and are looking forward to another visit sometime soon.

For Portlanders looking for Bender’s, below is an intital short list of some great spots you can find us at.

Warrenton Liquors
Hollywood Beverage
Rose City Liquors
Medford South
10th St. Liquors
Highland Hills Liquor

Multnomah Whiskey library
Old Gold
Slow Bar
Produce Row Cafe
Branch Whiskey Bar
Streetcar Bistro & Taproom

Father’s Day Special

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6th June

We’re excited to announce a special Father’s Day offer in partnership with the good folks over at BountyHunter Rare Wine & Spirits. For a short time only you can get a 3 bottles of Bender’s 7 Year Rye for only $134.95. As always a single bottle is available for $49.

Where Can I Get a Bottle?

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25th October

Since launch many have asked us where they can pick up a bottle of the first batch of Bender’s 7 Year Rye. We’re currently making our way into retailers and neighborhood watering holes in California, Michigan and New York but if you live in California or more specifically, the Bay Area, you have a few options.

Minimal Effort

Healthy Spirits, Coit Liquor, Jug Shop and Blackwell’s in the city have bought cases, but may or may not have any in stock. Call first before swinging by, to make sure they have it on the shelf.

More Effort (but great for us)

Call any retailer in your area and ask them to special order the product.  This is the best way to drive distribution and awareness which rules for a small producer like us. Let them know that Southern Wine and Spirits has the product (Item #: … Read More »

California Distribution

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21st October

Bender’s 7 Year Rye Whiskey has been picked up by the Artisanal Spirit Group which is a division of Southern Wine and Spirits. SWS is one of the larger distributors of Wine and Spirits in the United States and has operations in most of the 50 states either as a broker or full line distributor. They have decided to embrace the craft spirits movement and create a division focused on smaller producers that are creating artisan spirits. This division is only operational in California.

Bottling Day

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24th July

This week, we were extremely excited to see it all come together at our bottling facility on Treasure Island. With all the inputs ready (labels, corks, glass, shipping boxes, closures and, of course, the final blend of our rye), a team of seven working some long hours put everything together to create the first completed and ready to ship bottle of Bender’s 7 Year Rye Whiskey. A few thousand bottles later and we’re ready to start peddling our wares up and down the coast.

On Press

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10th July

After a year in the making and countless rounds of iteration, we finally got our labels on press at a fine printing establishment in Napa. We ended up doing quite a few rounds of press tests to get the color just so, but when they rolled off the press, it was worth it.

We haven’t seen anything quite like it and are looking forward to getting our rye out there.

Many thanks to all who gave critical feedback and helped us develop a look that we can proudly call our own.