Our Rye

Our Rye

Our Commitment

Rye from Southern Alberta and water from the Sierra Nevada’s. We have a personal connection to these ingredients and we believe in them. As for the other factors that influence rye whiskey – barrels, time of distillation, and proof – we hold no such reverence. Bender’s will not change gratuitously from small batch to small batch and it will not change for the sake of change. But it will continue to evolve, to progress and to improve.

Aged for seven years in virgin charred oak barrels and blended in small batches, Bender’s is a bold yet refined spirit.

Batch 001

It’s been said that nothing worthwhile is ever easy and we wouldn’t have it any other way. It took us fifty-two iterations to land on our opening take on a modern whiskey: a complex yet accessible, small batch Canadian Rye. Our first batch was sourced from an independently owned distillery just south of Calgary not far from where one of our founders was born. We worked with this distiller over the span of a year and half and were given access to the barrel room to blend various rye combinations. The final high proof whiskey was brought to Treasure Island, where it went through additional interations of blending and experimentation before being bottled and released.


Produced At

The Treasure Island Distillery

Distilled In

Alberta, Canada

Batch Size

3348 Bottles

The Distillation Process

Batch distillation in 2 stages:

  • Stage 1. Column distillation x1
  • Stage 2. Copper pot distillation and repeated rectification
Source Of Grains

Southern Alberta

Our Grains

Whole Grain Rye



Years Aged

7 Years

Barrels Used To Age

Virgin Charred American White Oak

Mash Bill

85% rye, 15% corn

ABV In Barrel

Rye 64.6% ABV, corn 79.1% ABV

Water Sources

Hetch Hetchy & the Highwood River