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Adesso & Bender’s

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7th April

This Thursday night the folks at Adesso in Oakland are hosting an event with Bender’s Rye. We’ll be there from 7 to 9pm shacking hands, kissing babies and shooting the shit with the best of them. The evening features a $7 Bender’s cocktail menu and free appetizers. If you’ve never been to this fine establishement, now’s your chance to patronize an Oakland standard. Looking forward to seeing all of you there!

The evening features a $7 Bender’s cocktail menu and free appetizers.

For more information visit www.dopoadesso.com.


4395 Piedmont Ave #2, Oakland, CA 94611

Phone:(510) 601-0305

The Art of Vintage Cocktails

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5th April

Last month, author and journalist Stephanie Rosenbuam did an interview with us for local KQED blog, Bay Area Bites. In it she made mention of a rye cocktail from 1895 called the Brain Duster which we fell in love with. The cocktail came from her book The Art of Vintage Cocktails (which you can buy on Amazon for a very reasonable price). Aside from the great recipies and fascinating histories, the illustrations and typesetting by Danielle Kroll are gorgeous.

Do yourself a favor and pick this one up. An excerpt on the aformentioned cocktail below…

With its autumn-leaf color and rye-and-vermouth base, this 1895 cocktail from the original Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York City, could easily pass for a Manhattan. But add an ounce of absinthe and the Brain Duster is revealed as an entirely different–and much more lethal–drink.

1 oz rye whiskey
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LaFolie Drink Menu

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6th November

Lot’s of you have been asking about the drink menu we had at our latest San Francisco happy hour event. Many thanks to Jay and the staff for coming up with some amazing recipies for us. Enjoy!

Bender’s & Sloe

1oz Bender’s Rye
1oz Sloe Gin
1/4oz Lemon
1/4oz Honey Water
Shake / Strain over rocks / Add lemon wheel as garnish

7 Year Itch

Muddled Mint
1 1/2oz Bender’s Rye
1/2 oz Genepy
1/2oz Lime
1/2oz Simple
Shake / Double strain into rocks / Add mint as garnish

Hold Fast

2oz Bender’s
1/2oz Maple
3 dashes of Ango
2 dashes of Orange
Build in a glass like an old fashioned / Add lemon orange and cherry as garnish

Weathered Eye

2oz Bender’s
1oz Cardamoaro
1/2oz Dolin Blanc
1 Dash Blanc
1 Dash Ango
Stir / Up / Add lemon twist

Bender’s Bling

2oz Bender’s
3/4 oz Benedictine
1/2oz Cherry Heering
1/2oz Lime
Shake / Top with soda, lime and cherry flag

The Treasure Island

1oz Bender’s
1oz Apple Consomme
1oz Gran Glassico
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