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Happy Anniversary!

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15th November

In celebration of its first year in business, Bender’s Rye Whiskey is thrilled to announce the release of its second batch already on shelves in California and Oregon. With a first batch distilled with 85% seven-year-old rye and 15% eight-year-old corn, Batch 1 presented a spicy craft rye with subtle and sweet hints of apricot and vanilla. The second batch is a blend of an older corn and rye mash with a modified mashbill of 92% nine-year-old rye and 8% eight-year-old corn for a more mature finish.

Looking back on our first year in business there were several milestones we’re pretty proud of. The first being that there seemed to be a demand for our rye. When Cohen and Bender first started the company is was as much a love affair with whiskey as it was an experiment and an opportunity … Read More »