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24th August

This past August Carl headed up to Portland to meet our booze broker’s, Drink Think and to visit some new accounts in town. We stayed with some close friends for the week (one of which is a bartender at Multnomah Whikey Library) and spent alot of time out at restraurants and bars around town. We’re exteremley excited to be making our way onto shelves in Portland and are looking forward to another visit sometime soon.

For Portlanders looking for Bender’s, below is an intital short list of some great spots you can find us at.

Warrenton Liquors
Hollywood Beverage
Rose City Liquors
Medford South
10th St. Liquors
Highland Hills Liquor

Multnomah Whiskey library
Old Gold
Slow Bar
Produce Row Cafe
Branch Whiskey Bar
Streetcar Bistro & Taproom