Where Can I Get a Bottle?

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Where Can I Get a Bottle?

Since launch many have asked us where they can pick up a bottle of the first batch of Bender’s 7 Year Rye. We’re currently making our way into retailers and neighborhood watering holes in California, Michigan and New York but if you live in California or more specifically, the Bay Area, you have a few options.

Minimal Effort

Healthy Spirits, Coit Liquor, Jug Shop and Blackwell’s in the city have bought cases, but may or may not have any in stock. Call first before swinging by, to make sure they have it on the shelf.

More Effort (but great for us)

Call any retailer in your area and ask them to special order the product.  This is the best way to drive distribution and awareness which rules for a small producer like us. Let them know that Southern Wine and Spirits has the product (Item #: 347546) and that there’s a combo on 3 bottles (Combo # 6335) which basically means a reduced price for the store. When they get it in, go pick it up!

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